Anti-decubitus mattress AUTODEC ROTO


The AUTODEC® ROTO therapeutic support surface provides effective and other solutions for a wide patient management issues. Alternating pressure relief combined with advanced rotation therapy and moisture management – all in one system. 

Adjustable rotation angles and times. Dual compressor pump provides better performance – quiet and efficient. The pump can operate in the following modes: pressure alternating, static, pulsating or full inflation mode. The system has the Advanced Turn Technology function, i.e. lateral tilts and continuous patient rotation (one- or two-sided). 

Lateral tilt and rotation can be carried out during each operating mode. The replacement mattress is made of transverse removable cells and equipped with lateral cells to protect the patient from both sides. 

AUTODEC® ROTO is recommended for round-the-clock pressure ulcer prevention and management of all pressure ulcer stages.



Dual compressor pump can operate in four different modes:

  • ALTERNATING – periodically redistributes pressure by alternately inflating and deflating cells beneath the patient
  • STATIC – pressure inside the mattress is equalised to redistribute the body weight over a greater surface area
  • PULSATE – periodically changes the pressure inside the mattress from high to low; the change of area, where the surface pressure is in contact with the patient’s body, improves the blood circulation
  • AUTO-FIRM (full inflation mode) -Provides a temporary stable support surface to assist nursing procedures, patient transfer etc. It defaults automatically to alternating mode after 20 minutes

A built-in pressure controller automatically adjusts the mattress settings. Pressure can be also adjusted manually. The mattress will work in Auto Set mode until it’ll be switched to the manual adjustment mode.


Function of lateral tilt and patient rotation operating in both alternating and static modes. This feature not only improves the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, but also assists with pulmonary functions and reduces the manual handling. The turn time can be adjusted from 5 to 95 minutes (5min. intervals) with options to turn right or left only, as well as both sides, up to 30⁰. The facility can be turn on or off using control panel, in accordance to the needs of users


  • Reduces the involvement of nursing staff in patient handling
  • Saves the time required for nursing procedures
  • Supports patient mobilisation


  • Improves the pressure sores prevention
  • Helps increase the quality of life of immobile patients
  • Supports muscular and cardiovascular system
  • Helps reduce the pain
  • Supports pulmonary treatment
AUTODEC® ROTO is suitable for patients weighing up to 255kg.

Cells in head section are always inflated for better comfort.

The CPR strap for quick release. Single-handed facility located at the head end of the mattress and disconnect the air tubeset connectors from the pump. It enables rapid air deflation for emergencies, handling or storage etc.

In conventional micro air loss systems the air is coming through the micro holes made in cells, but patient’s body blocks the holes and reduces the effectiveness. The iMAL system is located beneath the mattress cells and is not interfered with patient’s body.

Independent micro air loss system reduces heat accumulated in the mattress, which increases patient comfort and ensures proper microclimate around his body. The iMAL system is independent from mattress cells and therefore it does not interfere with transport functions. The iMAL system works automatically and does not require any settings.

Transport facility provides patient support for up to 24 hours on a mattress.
2-way stretch top cover minimising friction and share forces. Vapour permeable and water resistant for patient comfort and hygiene. Attached to the mattress base by concealed zips to reduce ingress of fluids. Flame retardant, easy to clean. It can be completely removed for laundering.

2-way stretch, flame retardant, top cover made of knitted fabric covered with polyurethane. It permits water vapour through and holds liquids on the surface. Attached to the mattress with a concealed zipper. The cover can be completely removed for cleaning, laundering and disinfecting.

  • POWER FAIL ALARM – audible* and visual indicator of power loss
  • LOW PRESSURE ALARM – audible* and visual indicator of low pressure in the mattress .
  • SERVICE INDICATOR – indicates the internal fault of pump.

*An audible alarm will sound unless cancelled by the mute button. If the cause of alarm is not removed, the alarm will sound again.

Control panel AUTO-LOCKOUT

Prevents from accidental or unintentional setting changes on the pomp. After a period of inactivity the control panel will automatically lock.

AUTODEC® ROTO anti-bedsore mattress replacement is designed to prevent and / or support the treatment of pressure ulcers of all degrees. Patients with pressure ulcers should be monitored and repositioned. Treatment of pressure ulcers should be supported by other accompanying activities (e.g. nutrition support, skin care, etc.), the choice of which should be preceded by a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s individual care needs. Anti-bedsore mattresses are one of the possible treatment procedures for pressure ulcers. All aspects of care should be reviewed by the attending physician. The above information is only a guide and should not replace the clinical evaluation.
AUTODEC® ROTO mattress should not be used on patients with unstable spine fractures. For patients with unstable fractures of a different type or in a condition that can cause complications due to soft or moving surfaces, advice should be sought from an appropriate clinician before use.
  • Patient should not operate the system.
  • No interference or modifications are allowed. The pump housing may only be removed by authorized service staff. The pump contains no user-serviceable parts. Do not disassemble the pump.
  • Do not allow the pump to come into contact with the liquid and do not immerse the device in water. If the product is submerged in water, do not remove the product, immediately remove the plug from the power socket.
    Easy Turn Technology and Advanced Turn Technology (if applied) must be used only on the beds equipped with side rails. The side rails must be obligatory raised.
  • The system requires a mattress to be connected to the pump. Do not turn off the pump or remove the plug from the power socket during operation.
  • Do not place the heating blanket neither on nor under the mattress.
    The air hoses and the power cord should be placed at the foot of the bed so that they are not near the moving parts of the bed or in other places where they can get caught. If there are flaps on the sides of the mattress to protect the power cords, use them.
  • The CPR quick release should always be visible and easily accessible.
  • The mattress top cover is vapor permeable, but not air permeable, so it may pose a risk of suffocation.
  • Check for gaps that could result in serious injury or death due to compression or movement of the mattress.
  • The pump and mattress may only be used together as indicated in this manual and by PPH “Real”. The correct operation of the device cannot be guaranteed if incorrect pump and mattress combination are used.
  • CAUTION – Any serious incident that has occurred in relation to the device should be reported to the manufacturer and the competent authority of the Member State in which the user and/or patient is established.
  • Failure to follow these recommendations may cause injury, and in extreme cases, even death. For a complete list of residual risks, please read the instruction for the specific product.


Oorder code: ADR100F-21011AF

Number of cells 18
Cell material TPU
Cover material poliester-PU
Mattress base material poliester-PU
Max patient weight 255kg
Dimensions 42,7 x 12,8 x 23,3cm
Case material ABS
Mode of operation continous
Supply voltage/frequency 230V/50Hz
Power output 35 VA
Operating cycle times 10, 15, 20minutes
Tilt/rotation time 5-95min (5min. intervals)
Degree of protection against Electrical shock Class II, type BF
Degree of protection of ingress of liquids IP21

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